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What state area code is 641?

Area code 641 refers to the state IA and rate center CHARLES CY

Which company owns the phone numbers +1 (641) 200-54XX?

Phone numbers are owned by BANDWIDTH.COM CLEC, LLC - IA

Area code 641 and prefix 200 assign data ?

Assign data June 29, 2018

How many telephone numbers are in CHARLES CY area code?

Each area code contains 641 usable telephone prefixes, which are the 3-digit numbers that follow the area code. Each prefix has 10,000 telephone numbers, and each area code has 7.92 million telephone numbers. 

What makes up a telephone number?

Our telephone numbering system operates under the North American Numbering Plan, which was developed in 1947 by AT&T and subsequently adopted by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). It established the 10-digit scheme we use today.

Area Code NPA NXX
  • The "NPA" (Number Plan Area) is the area code. CHARLES CY currently has eight area codes: 804.
  • The "NXX" is the central office (CO) code, and is also referred to as the "prefix." An NXX serves a specific exchange or rate center.
  • The XXXX is the line number for the customer.